ბაუმა 2025 წ

From April 07, 2025 until April 13, 2025
მიუნხენი - გამოფენა მიუნხენი, გერმანია
(გთხოვთ, ორჯერ გადაამოწმოთ თარიღები და ადგილმდებარეობა ქვემოთ მოცემულ ოფიციალურ საიტზე.)

Die Baumaschinen- & Bergbaumesse der Superlative - bauma - erleben

bauma is the world's largest trade fair for construction machinery and building material machines, mining equipment, construction vehicles, and construction equipment. A quick overview of bauma. Impressions of bauma 2022. Starring bauma. Key role mining. bauma visitor information. Information for the bauma 2022 press conference.

The bauma is not only the world's largest trade fair for building machinery, mining machines and construction equipment, but it is also the heartbeat of this industry. Every three years, the bauma is a catalyst for innovation, a success engine, and a market place, together with its international visitors and exhibitors.

bauma Mining is more than an exhibition area. It is the most important platform for the mining sector. You will find key industry players from around the world, as well as innovative innovations and the latest trends.

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It's finally bauma when the Munich trade fair grounds are the heart of the construction machinery sector for seven days. The total amount of approximately 3,200 Au.

At 9:30 AM on October 24, 2022, Dr. Volker Wissing (Federal Minister of Digital and Transport) and Dr....

Vans, forklifts and cranes, as well as machine and plant parts, are all used in the construction of the outdoor area at bauma. This takes place between 24 and 3...

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